Dr. Tímea Zalányi-Péntek

medic specialist nefrolog

Dr. Timea Zalanyi-Pentek

Specialist doctor in nephrology

She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Targu-Mures with excellent results in 2016. Then she completed her residency at the Clinical County Emergency Hospital Cluj where she expanded her knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic kidney diseases. 

Dr. Timea Zalányi-Péntek, a specialist nephrologist, awaits patients for consultations with great patience and empathy, offering a welcoming and confident attitude, providing professional treatment to each patient.

Nephrology is the branch of internal medicine that deals with kidney diseases and their treatment. The kidneys are vital organs that, in addition to detoxifying the blood and producing urine, are involved in the body’s hormonal balance, maintaining normal blood pressure, hydro-electrolytic balance, hematopoiesis, and even in the formation of a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Moreover, if the kidneys do not function well, many drugs cannot be properly eliminated from our body, thus they can cause additional damage.

Why should you consult a nephrologist in time?

Chronic kidney disease, most often caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, and various rheumatological and hematological diseases, usually does not cause any symptoms at the beginning, and the presence of this disease is often only noticed from blood and urine tests. In the case of acute renal failure, such as urinary infection, kidney stones, renal cysts, contrast nephropathy, it is also important to be treated in time and properly to avoid further complications. Therefore, prophylaxis is extremely important, meaning regular checking of kidney function and preventing/slowing down a possible deterioration of it.

Dr. Zalányi-Péntek Tímea