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1999-2024 Pro Medical Center

1999-2024 Pro Medical Center

25 TH Anniversary year
Since 1999, the team of the clinic has been working tirelessly to make private and state-supported health services available to as many people as possible, and to contribute to improving the quality of life of our patients through the quality and accessibility of clinical services. Honest and all-pervading people-centeredness is the creed of our clinic, the only thing that matters to us is the patient, and we strive to provide the best treatment and care at every step.
Our goal has always been to provide world-class, complex diagnostic services to our patients at the clinic. From 2021, we expanded our laboratory, ultrasound diagnostic and specialist services with a full radiology department in our new hospital building on Cometei Street. In addition to the outstanding competence and expertise of our radiologist colleagues, a completely new diagnostic machine park was installed, where MRI, CT, RX, US, DEXA machines help our doctors in establishing diagnoses.
Our basic principle is that it is always better to prevent disease than to treat it, which is why prevention is highly emphasized in our institution. Our health care programs and screening tests help in the early detection and prevention of diseases. In this way, we not only treat diseases, but also shape a human attitude that affects lifestyle, builds and develops health awareness, even from the age of newborn. Yes, from birth. With the help of screening programs, which are rare in the country, we are able to screen babies for metabolic diseases as well as for congenital diseases in infancy with a complex ultrasound examination.
Our decades of experience, our research and development activities, the development and application of the latest technologies are our guarantee that everyone receives high-quality healthcare. In Romania, only PRO MERDICAL has an independent research institute, which we established in 2015 under the name ProVitam Fundation and which we maintain from the clinic's own budget and grants.

Our patients are at the centre of everything we do.

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We continuously invest in research and development activities, with outstanding results at the international level as well.